Filippa Sophie

Filippa's favourite V10 Plus product - Water Based Peeling Gel: “It’s gentle which is great for sensitive skin but also super effective. The exfoliation process is so satisfying and the outcome is even better - my skin feels so smooth after using this peeling gel”




Tiia Koivusalo

An amazingly interesting product in that when you put this on your skin, you can feel the moisture, but it melts on the skin so perfectly that there is no creamy feel left on the surface of the skin. Binds the skin’s own moisture and helps maintain moisture balance for up to a day.




Olen Jonna
I got a few V 10 Plus tweets from Ihola Oy for the test. The series has risen in Finland for a year during one of the most talked about skin care product lines. There are no jumps in the series reduced by the fact that V 10 Plus Water Base Peeling won the Finnish Cosmon Beauty Award for best skin care product. I actually got three products for the test: Vitamin A Serum (which is becoming my own post), Water Base Peeling and Deep Sea Water Mask. My skin is really dry, especially in winter, so I will use it when autumn comes.

Ms. Martina
“Vitamin C is great for the pores and acne” “serum vitamin C helped me to have a skin less oily and pores less in evidence” “as for the Placenta serum, it eliminated almost 70% of my spots epidermal” “100% recommended serum to people like me who suffer from oily skin and skin spots.




Japanese sensational product. Exfoliation is one of the most important things in skin care. Without regular exfoliation, the skin turns gray and numb.Exfoliation is the perfect way to not only keep your face vibrant but also bring it to life! When the skin dead skin cells accumulated on the surface get a ride, the skin looks visibly softer and brighter - and is not required than a couple of minutes of your own time.


I got to try an exciting Japanese peeling product, V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask, which contains water, rice husk and seaweed extract. The suitable V 10 Plus Peeling for all skin types is not the so-called chemical peeling and does not contain granules. Special!





I love the Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask. It is rich in hyaluronic acid, seaweed and minerals that effectively moisturize sun-dried skin and increase its elasticity. Did you know that the oldest people in the world live on the island of Okinawa?






Minäkö Keski-ikäinen
It is a milky gel cream. My favorite skin care products are always either thinner serums or gel-like or sorbet-like compositions. Interestingly, this sunscreen with sunscreen has a gel-like yet milky composition. Yes slamming sunscreen times are history, this day cream is immediately absorbed into the skin, but despite its gel-like composition, it is still plentiful, but with the difference that it melts on the skin like magic.


Vernece Loh
Looking for a suitable skin care products like looking for your soulmate?
Yes, you can find the right product for your precious skin from @v10plus in less than 2 minutes.




Hazel Kang
Time to make your skin happy with @v10plus , the World’s First Skin Supplement Concept!






Oktaviani Fen Fen
It has been 3 years since I become the photographer for V10 Plus skin care products and I have been using their full range of skin care products until today. I was amazed how @v10plus changed my skin and my life in the first week. My skin now has a healthy radiant glow and I no longer need to apply heavy makeup when heading out. I'm really thankful that I got to know v10 plus skin care products. Formulated with The Finest Naturally-Derived Ingredients. They are plant based, noparaben, no artificial color, no chemical fragrance.

Morning skincare routine to start joyful day with V 10 Plus!






Jennifer Tham
Customized care for your skin with @v10plus. Their founder Mrs Akiko Yokota has customised this Skin Identity to identify which skin care products are suitable based on your personality, lifestyle and skin type. Take your skin identity test and get your customised natural skincare products online in Singapore on their website: v10plus.com
Let's enjoy beautiful healthy looking skin with @v10plus today!


Ivy Loh
When I was down with Covid about 2 weeks ago, I wore mask all the time even when sleeping. So its not hard to imagine my face was a disaster when I finally go masked free. My cheek was rough and dehydrated. My nose and chin was really oily (my pores appears larger too!). My cheeks also suffered from some redness. So I am thankful when @v10plus send over a set of skincare when I needed it most.


Ms. Elisabeth
Thanks to V 10 Plus I no longer have dry, flakey skin. with sensitive and I’m always?? searching for the right skin product for my face. Every time I try a new product, I end up with itchy, blotchy skin.





Ms. Debbie Jung
The start is a bit surprised when I want to try this but after trying it really comfortable and this is very recommended for you who do not like peeling scrub (like me) V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling is perfect. Because of its soft texture, and easy to remove dead skin cells.