Our Founder Story

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When The Miracle Begins

It Started From Toyohashi City, Japan.
Born in a farming family, especially in rice and seaweed farm, makes our founder’s childhood life was very close to nature. She learnt how to sow, treat and reap the farm. But at the end, the most important that she learnt is how much nature can gives into our life.

“The Secret Kitchen”
The nature’s miracle for her starts in the kitchen. It begins when Akiko’s Grandmother uses left over water from washing the white rice to wash her face
every day and surprisingly her skin feels very moist, young and clean. From that moment she realized that nature is not only brings benefit to our inner body, but also outside which is our skin. Our skin also needs nutrition to keep healthy.

Where people face different types of skin problems. Our founder, Mrs Akiko Yokota and together with her sister, encountered the skin counseling by chance. They were amazed by the results generated by the auto-generated system which advised them on their skin needs for the first time.

The sisters tried the customized serums and had experienced the miracles of the products to their skin within a month.

Understanding that having beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, Mrs Akiko Yokota strongly believes that having beautiful skin can be a reality using the serums that cater to different skin needs. Hence, she decided to share this wonder with everyone from all parts of the world. Over the years, without doubt the quality of V 10 Plus products had been recognized world-wide and the demand is constantly on the rise. V 10 Plus is currently distributed in  more than 20 countries worldwide.

Since 2007, Mrs Akiko Yokota has improvised on the current V 10 Plus products into V 10 Plus series with a NEW AND ENHANCED FORMULA to make your dream come true.
What is the meaning of V 10 Plus?

V stands for variety meaning that we have full range of skincare products to cater all major skincare problems.

10 stands for our 10 concepts. All of our products are created based on magnificent 10 concepts as seen below:

  1.     No Paraben
  2.     Water based
  3.     No chemical fragrance
  4.     No artificial colour
  5.     No mineral oil
  6.     Customized serum for all skin problems
  7.     Dermatologist tested
  8.     Visible results in just 10 days
  9.     Colour therapy from colourful bottles
  10.     Made in Japan

Plus stands for our products ability, especially the serums, to works as a “plus” or additional to your current skincare regime as what supplement do to our body. As the World’s 1st Skin Supplement Concept, our serums works to enhance and boost the effectiveness of your current skincare, you could be able to add our serums to your current moisturizer, day cream, night cream, etc. without any hesitation!

Our Mission: To ensure that the best and highest quality are delivered to cater all skin needs.
Our Promise: Results are proven, being the main reason behind the recognition of V10 Plus serums over the years.
Our Products:

Mrs. Akiko Yokota philosophy is


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