Grace - Trying out the skincare products from V 10 Plus

Grace - Trying out the skincare products from V 10 Plus

Trying out the skincare products from V 10 Plus, the World's 1st Skin Supplement Concept!
They are awarded winning skincare in Asia & Europe.

Very happy to try out their customised skincare regime based on my skin condition. They have 11 different serums and you could definitely find the perfect mix that is suitable for your skin's needs.

What I got was,

• V 10 Plus Soothing Cleansing Milk
Soothing cleansing milk easily dissolves even long-wearing face makeups including those with sunscreen.

• V 10 Plus Ceramide Cleansing Gel
Rich and gentle gel cleanses impurities with Natural Plant extract.

• V 10 Plus Amino Serum
Amino acid is good for dryness and it moisturizes the skin with marine collagen.

• V 10 Plus Collagen
V 10 Plus Collagen is good for wrinkles and elasticity.

• V 10 Plus Hyaluronic Acid Serum
V10 Plus Hyaluronic acid is good for dry skin and inner dry.

• V 10 Plus Deep Moist Gel
Deep Moist Gel Contains 4 different types of powerful hyaluronic acid, which forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis.

• V 10 Plus Water Base Sun Block SPF 40/PA+++
V 10 Plus Water Base Sun block which has skin protector from both UVA and UVB, with whitening and moisturizing functions.

I mixed the 3 serums together and applied it on my face. These serums absorbs immediately without any stickness. My skin feels smoother and moisturised after used!

Really love their products very much, if you would like to know more and try out, head over to now!

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