Your Phone Is Killing Your Skin!

Having a hectic work life, children to tend to and a home to manage can severely restrict your social outings. In such a scenario, the cell phone becomes the new best friend. That is, until you get to know the effects of cell phone radiation on your skin.

In this fast paced life, where letters have given way to emails and face-to-face conversations to quick phone calls, there isn’t no running away from technology. Thanks to our cell phones, we binge on Facebook, go rapid-fire texting on WhatsApp, upload our photographs with kids on Instagram, and download games – all at once. It seems impossible to deny this addiction. However, if only you knew the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on your skin, you wouldn’t be keeping it quite so close as you do. Take a look.

Love thy Skin? Keep your Cell Phones Away!

  1. Dermatitis –

    Well, the negative effects of cell phone radiation on your skin are many but have you ever felt a dry patch and itching on your hands or on your face? It could well be mobile phone radiation effects on your skin, thanks to those two-hour long conversations you’ve been having with someone or the other every day. Mobile radiation elevates antigens in people who already suffer from some form of allergies. Another reason for cell phone dermatitis – well, that’s what it’s called – could be the use of nickel and cobalt in the phone trimmings. These metals combined with the radiations are making your skin red and itchy. Ouch!
  2. Crow’s feet –

    Squinting to read your favourite blog on your phone at night while lulling your baby to sleep? You may well be saying an early hello to crow’s feet. The small fonts and the low brightness of the phone screen together make you squint, in turn leading to wrinkles around the eyes. If your phone doubles up as your mini work station, ensure to keep the brightness high and the fonts big.
  3. Hot, hot, hot –

    Have you noticed how hot your cell phone gets after those late into the night calls with your best friend? Using it in this “hot” condition is akin to baking your skin. Really! The cell phone health risks are many, however the exposure to this much heat can increase melanin production in the skin. This can give you uneven skin tone and even dark spots all over the face. Opt for hands free option to keep such nauseating effects of cell phone radiation at bay.
  4. Clean and clear –

    You never thought you might have to face the scourge of acne after those teenage years, did you? Well, you’re in for a rude shock. Cell phones are considered to be more unhygienic (carry more germs) than public toilets. Imagine putting your face against all those germs and bacteria. Worse still, imagine exposing your little one to all that infestation! Make sure you clean your phone regularly, put it in a cover, and use it with clean hands.
  5. Wrinkled neck –

    Admit it, you’re constantly looking down on your phone to read a new email, check a notification, or to purge your phone gallery. This constant staring gradually breaks down the collagen in the neck. This leads to unsightly neck wrinkles and diminished confidence. You can avoid all this by holding the phone at eye level and reading with your chin up.
The cell phone radiation effects on skin can be easily avoided by changing certain habits. Wiping the phone screen with anti-bacterial wipes, using hands-free, keeping the phone away at night are some ways to minimise the damage. Better still, just look up and find some amazing devices that block the radiation emission from the phones. Press *#07# and make sure that your cell phone’s radiation is below 1.6 W/kg. A little care can go a long way in keeping these pesky cell phone issues away.