Your Man Needs To Wear Sunscreen, Too!

Okay, you already know your man doesn’t like to apply lotion to keep his skin hydrated or wash his face regularly. Fine. But, it’s important that you make sure he slathers on SPF while he’s outdoors.

The Skin Cancer Foundation just released a study that revealed 49 percent of men surveyed admitted that they haven’t applied sunscreen in the past year. What?!? Even worse: 70 percent of men don’t know what skin cancer warning signs to look for and don’t go see a dermatologist for annual skin checks—ah, that’s just downright dangerous.

So, where do you come in? Do your man a solid and teach him how to practice safe sun. We have loads of info here that will help from Cosmo’s Practice Safe Sun campaign. But to get him started, tell him to reapply sunscreen every two hours, go to the derm every year for a checkup, and do at-home skin checks regularly.

And since guys don’t seem to be eager to slather on sunscreen, buy him his first bottle of sunscreen (make sure it’s broad-spectrum). That way he’ll know what to look for at the store when it runs out.