Customer’s Voice

CML Skin Solutions’ Customer- Ms Pearlyn

I was told to use V 10 Plus products which included VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C and LICORICE. After using for around 2 weeks, my face did become better as compared to the face I had before using V 10 Plus products. Now, after using the products, the pimples on my face have lesser and my face was not as oily as before.

CML Skin Solutions's Customer- Ms Cheng

I have been using the VITAMIN A and C serums. After applying the VITAMIN C serum, I feel that my face is less oily and my pimples reduced and become lesser. After applying VITAMIN A serum, my face appears to be less sensitive than before.

Mr Joe Tan, Singapore

"I lead a very active lifestyle, and rarely use facial products until I was given the privilege to try both V 10 Plus Cleansing Gel and Ceramide Serum. The experience was initially daunting, considering that I usually use water to cleanse my face. Alas, the experience proved to be very positive, as I was able to see substantial results in just 10 days of using it. Both the products natural and water based construct seamlessly complemented my skin, with the cleansing gel giving me a clean and fresh feeling after every wash. Ceramide serum further augmented my skin, allowing it to retain its moisture (which was necessary, considering that I was always out in the sun). In just 10 days, my skin became visibly subtle, and I felt and looked fresher. The serum also helped drove away those unwanted skin irritation I had after my every morning shave. I must say I'm pleasantly surprise by the benefits V 10 Plus products have given me, and today, it has become a part of my routine to use V 10 Plus products every day. A very revealing experience, indeed!"

Ms. Sirpa Aho - 47 years old, Scandinavian

After I used Biocell V 10 Plus serum for two weeks : apply twice a day three drops each time for half of the right face then I noticed my skin feels more soften and hydrates i.e. less dry. Fine wrinkles especially around the eye area and brow are reduced. In addition redness has been reduced all over the face. ​

Ms. Elisabeth, Sydney, Australia

Thanks to V 10 Plus I no longer have dry, flakey skin. Ωιтн sensitive and I'm αℓωαуѕ searching for the right skin product for my face. Every time I try a new product, I end up ωιтн itchy, blotchy skin. But since using V 10 Plus serums of Hyaluronic Acid, Bio cell, Collagen and Vitamin A, my skin feels soft and looks radiant. I also use V 10 Plus Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask which I find convenient to leave on my face overnight as it is not oily.

Ms. Devi Evarina, 19 years old, Indonesia

I have pretty sensitive skin types, oily and easily acne. After I use V 10 Plus Vitamin C Serum, Serum Ceramide and Pycnogenol Serum for two weeks every morning and night, my skin became no acne and shine. Thank you V 10 Plus. Try and feel the difference after using V 10 Plus.

Ms. Kiki Wu, 39 years-old, Taiwan

我用了 Biocell Serum 后觉得皮肤变得光滑,细致,细纹也变淡了。

Ms. Vivien, 28 years old, Singapore

I used to have a dull complexion due to daily use of makeup. After using V10Plus’s Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, my skin has become more radiant with a healthy glow.

Ms. Rina Aziz, Brunei

"The colourful bottles arranged beautifully during an expo in Brunei and a radio interview of Miss Akiko started me on my journey with V10 Serums. My skin is sensitive and I had a range of problems from very dark circles under my eyes to oil seeds all over my face. At that time, I had always thought my skin care regime was sufficient enough and there was nothing I could do about the skin problems I was facing. Imagine my surprise when I saw the difference it made to my skin after using the serum

Barbara Life Spa's Customer

"Without doing facial from 24/07/2014-13/09/2014 and only using V 10 Plus Licorice Serum, Pycnogenol Serum and Vitamin C Serum. "

Beauty Talk's Customer

"Apply 3 drops for entire face - used for 1 month. Results: Dark spots were lighter and decreased in size. Improvement in overall skin texture. Am Happy with results. Thank you, to Doreen and staff at salon."