Alicia Tan Xin Ru - Miss Singapolitan Islandwide 2017

Alicia share her experience using V 10 Plus Water Base Sun Block

Praveena Pretty Kaur - 1st Runner Up Miss Singapolitan Islandwide 2017

Praveena shares her experience using V3 Miracle Serum for Hands and Feet

Ms. Gracia Indri, Artist.

Have sensitive skin is really not good ... It makes a red face when exposed to the sun, wearing make-up can make irritation and itchy if not suitable. So I try to use V 10 Plus Sensitive Series and it really good. I'm become more confidence and not afraid anymore exposed to sunlight. Even my face was never irritated and itchy after wearing V 10 Plus Serum.

Ms. Prilly Latuconsina, Artist

OMG HELLOOWW !! I really love @ V10Plus_Indonesia Water Based Peeling, Make My Face Gentle, Softer and Brighter. Practical and Easy to use, My Dead Skin Cells Lifted Up Only With 5 Seconds. Magical! You Must Try, Recommended! "


Thanks to V 10 Plus I no longer have dry, flaky skin. With sensitive and I'm always searching for the right skin product for my face. But since using V 10 Plus serums of Hyaluronic Acid, Bio cell, Collagen and Vitamin A, my skin feels soft and looks radiant.

Alicia Tan Xin Ru - Miss Singapolitan Islandwide 2017

Love this new Serum from #v10plus .. helps reduce my pigmentation & freckles

Praveena Pretty Kaur - 1st Runner Up Miss Singapolitan Islandwide 2017

Vitamin C V10 Plus serum - My favourite go to serum to keep acne at bay ???? : For maximum results, do not just take Vitamin C orally but use it directly on your face as part of your skin care routine. Do check out V10 Plus range of serums catered to all skin types!

Thanh Hoai Dao - Vietnamese Super Model

WHY CHOOSE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS AROUND THE EYES - V 10 PLUS ? V 10 PLus eye cream Women's Weekly magazine voted Singapore's best eye cream 2016 ➡ 90% of customers are using eye cream in Vietnam said clearly see the effect after one week of use. ➡ Strong support for the skin around the eye against dehydration; maximum moisture retention to restore the elasticity and firming eye. Reduce eyelid, eye puffiness, dark circles, blurs wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes.

Fann Wong - Singapore Model and Actress

“ The V 10 Plus serums – in collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide formulas – can be used individually or mixes, depending on my skin’s needs”. ​ (Her World Singapore , June 2010, Page 232)

Leslie Kwok - Celebrity, Model, and owner of exclusive ELEMENT SPA and SPA INFINITY in Singapore

V 10 Plus products have proven to be very popular at our spa, and have various product range to cater to different needs. A must have in every skin care routine!

Michael Kwah - Artist

"These 30ml bottles of serum (few drops on skin daily) are simply amazing!" Yr serums r amazing~

​​Ms Janice Fion, Part time actress Mediacorps and Blogger, Singapore

"it would create a very hydrated and glowing skin also smells like fresh mint promises to refresh any tired individual. My skin feels smooth and well exfoliated. Really, different compared to some of the other facial peeling products that I have an experience with"

Audi Marisa, Artist

My favorite skincare all the time! V10 Plus is really suitable for all skin types, my face so not spotty and look brighter. Serum series is also complete to overcome other skin problems. Check out @ v10plus_indonesia.

Chika Jessica, Artist

Want to know chika's pretty secret? Chika uses Water Based Peeling from V10 Plus, because every wear is dead skin of chika and dirt on the face out all. Is not it magical? You guys try it, it suits you busy and do not have much time. Practical and Not complicated

Dahlia Poland, Artist

Have a problem with acne and scars? Try this natural skincare one, V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling and Serum Acne Treatment Series, Acne and its scars disappear in 10 days only. Safe for pregnant and lactating mothers as well. Hurry order at @ v10plus_indonesia

Ms Jessica Iskandar, Artist

Well, love the Water Based Peeling from V10 Plus Make my skin bright and smooth, the results are immediately visible. I like it so much! Recommended :) so make more confident

Jessica Mila, Artist

Does its job in just 3 minutes, and afterward my skin is so soft and glowing. And then i will notice my pores clearing as little plugs are released. Amazing stuff. Very useful for lifting dead skin cells on facial skin, brighten, and eliminate blackheads

Ms Tyas Mirasih, Artist

After using Water Based Peeling from V10 Plus, my face looks softer and cleaner. Just apply to face and wait for 5 seconds, the result is immediately visible! Thanks @ v10plus_indonesia

Ms Pamela Bowie, Artist

My daily routine, Water based peeling from @ V10plus_Indonesia is suitable for my sensitive skin type. Can to remove acne scars, blackheads and dead skin cells instantly. Natural material, made in Japan and suitable for all skin types even sensitive. Check IG @ V10Plus_Indonesia, there is always a promo every day

Ms Clairine Christabel, Artist

It's my favorite skincare, V10 Plus waterbased Peeling and Serum. Dead skin cells, acne scars and blackheads disappear. Its serum makes the face bright and not dull. check IG @ v10plus_indonesia

Ms Michele Joan, Artist

Thank you V10 Plus Indonesia, Waterbased Peeling and its Serum make my face that was sensitive so bright, supple, and free from skin redness due to exposure to sunlight. Likes. check IG @ v10plus_indonesia, there is always promo every week

Mama Amy, Artist

Finally found also a skincare that is suitable for my skin, how to use practical and simple. 1 This sachet can solve all facial problems. Water Based Peeling can remove acne scars, blackheads and dead skin cells instantly. Its serum makes my skin look younger and toned. Check IG @ v10plus_indonesia for more info

Mr Billy Davidson

Have dry and dull skin? water based peeling and serrating hydrating series solution. face becomes brighter and skin feels more supple. not just girls who can wear, you guys should also try.

Mr Cemal Faruk, Artist

Thanks V 10 Plus, Acne and its scars disappear with series of serum acne treatment series and water based peeling products. acne disappear and face brighter.

Ms Dinda Kirana, Artist

Some days later my face looks dull, fortunately there is water based peeling and serum whitening series of V 10 Plus, the face becomes whiter, and acne-free blemishes.

Ms Felicya, Artits

Yeay finally found also a solution for my sensuous skin. water based peeling and seerum sensitive series from V 10 Plus make my face free from sunstroke, looks more glowing and free from acne and scars.