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Ms. Elaine - Singapore Beauty Blogger

V10 Plus Water Base Sun Block is my must-have. It feels sheer on skin and imparts a luminous glow. Very natural looking so if you have relatively good skin, it should be able to do the job well on its own. Most importantly I like how it has ZERO SCENT.

Ms Linda Ekroth - Finland Beauty Blogger

Ms Linda Ekroth, Finland Beauty Blogger #Water Based Peeling 100ml Rice Bran Extract and Seaweed

Ms. Mon - Hong Kong Beauty Blogger

V 10 Plus Placenta Serum Contains Plant Placenta, completely free of animal placenta. Vegetarians can also use. Placenta has a super whitening effect. It helps to inhibit melanin production, accelerating cell growth, and activating the skin. In addition, the placenta can effectively combat spots, freckles and skin dull.

Ms. Emanuella - Hong Kong Blogger

Ms. Emanuella shares her experience using V 10 Plus Licorice Serum

​Ms. Tammy Ng, Beauty Queen Blogger, Singapore

Hi folks, today I want to share with all of you my skincare routine as I have experienced tremendous improvements in my skin condition. I used to have bad acne problems in the past. Mostly due to imbalance hormonal changes, stress and irregular sleeping patterns. I tried many different products but none did justice to my skin. Maybe some products did helped a little but every time I have my monthly period, it worsens. For the longest time I had to rely on that thick cake of foundation to be able to go outdoors. Thankfully I met V 10 Plus. V 10 Plus is a Japanese brand that was founded by Mrs Akiko Yokota. ​

​Ms. Xiao Vee, Beauty Blogger, Indonesia

These V 10 Plus serums are unique and great, because the offer many variations of serums for specific skin problems These 4 serums would work for different concerns on my face, it covers: 1. Amino: t-zone (for oily area) 2. Vitamin A: for dark circle (brightening purpose) 3. Licorice: nose & lips area (tone down redness and blemishes 4. Pycnogenol: cheeks & chin (for antioxidant) Thank you V10 Plus for the opportunity and I hope I can try other great products of V10 Plus in the future :) Finding the best skin care products is like a treasure hunting, it's all about trial and error. Remember that the results will be definitely different for other people :)

​Ms Kaisa, Blogger, Finland

Testattavia tuotteita oli kuusi ja testaajia oli neljä, jotka antoivat kullekin tuotteelle arvosanan 4-10 -asteikolla. Bio Cell sai testin parhaat pisteet! pisteitä 8,5 VERTAILUN PARHAAT PISTEET

​Ms Martina, Blogger, Italy

Ms Martina (Italy Blogger), expressed her happiness for trying V 10 Plus Vitamin C, Placenta and Water Base Peeling . "vitamin C is great for the pores and acne" "serum vitamin C helped me to have a skin less oily and pores less in evidence" "as for the Placenta serum, it eliminated almost 70% of my spots epidermal" "100% recommended serum to people like me who suffer from oily skin and skin spots:

​Ms Joyce Ho, Beauty Blogger, Hong Kong

喜歡 V 10 Plus Serum 無化學香料,無人工色素. 五顏六色的滴管瓶子很可愛易用; 透明無色無味的液體,只需一兩滴,它能夠在很短的時間內出現明顯的功效. V 10 Plus Serum 可以添加到現有的護膚系列裏作為補充,精華的質感相當豐富和濃縮. Joyce 的皮膚在冬季非常乾燥,常常感到很繃繃緊的,用了 V 10 Plus 的產品,皮膚質素獲得提升, 因為交替及配合使用,得到很全面的補充和修護. 用後感覺一點也不粘膩,滲透力強. 即使沒有化妝, 肌膚看起來更健康有光澤.

Ms Ninni, Beauty Blogger, Finland

Uudistunut V 10 PLUS Bio Cell Anti-age Seerumi lupaa hengästyttävän paljon eli aktivoida ihon kollageenisynteesiä, lisätä kimmoisuutta, tasoittaa juonteita, nopeuttaa ihosolujen uudistumista, hidastaa ihon ikääntymistä, palauttaa elinvoiman, kosteuttaa, kiinteyttää, tasoittaa pigmenttiläiskiä sekä poistaa punoitusta.

​Mr Calvin , Blogger , Hong Kong

在九月中的時候,亦都感到非常榮幸地收到Petit Bouheur 的邀請出席V 10 Plus的聚會。現場還有本地報紙媒體一起參與今次的聚會!其實想皮膚好,要選擇好的產品,還要保持心境開朗,常要做好事、說好話、存好心!今次的聚會令我獲益良多。

Ms. Luisa Gan, Beauty Queen Blogger, Singapore

V10 Plus is the official skincare for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013 , Mrs Singapore beauty Pageant 2013 , Simply her smart shopper awards ,cosmopolitan beauty award 2013 and In overseas they have won Gloria Parhaat Kauneus Tucotteet and Lofficiel Beaute . Local celebrity Fann Wong known for her flawless ski is also an avid user of V10 Plus .

Ms. Carnellin, Beauty Blogger, Indonesia

Overall, this multi-function gel is a must try item from V 10 Plus, I'm in love with the texture and how it felt on my skin: unique and wonderful. I've used it these past few days and my skin doesn't suffer any discomfort in any form.

Darren Sim, Singaporean Men's Lifest

Don’t be mis-led by all the pretty bottles, this is not only for the ladies, but also works miracles for men, who wants to remain youthful. Swimming at least twice a week, I lose a fair bit of moisture and the V10 Plus Hyaluronic Acid Serum will definitely work well to help keep my face well nourished!

Ms. Cherry G, Blogger, Finland

Valaistus on eri, mutta mielestäni eroa on havaittavissa ensimmäisen ja viimeisimmän kuvan välillä. Kuvassa vasemmalla puolella näkyvä kulmakarvani yläpuolella oleva ryppy on oleellisesti madaltunut.

Ms. Juliana, Beauty Blogger, Singapore

The mega dose of V 10 Plus serums gave my skin a vitamin boost and revitalized my lacklustre skin. So apart from the change in hair color, the one major change that has taken place is the brighter, clearer and smoother skin! Did you notice??? :P Usually, I'll pat on some foundation before I head out to conceal the huge pores and uneven skin tone. Now V 10 Plus has given me enough courage to leave the house makeup-less with renewed skin and confidence!

Ms Tan Shi Hui, Blogger, Singapore

To others, V10 Plus is a Japanese skincare brand which cater to different skin dilemma. However, for myself I feel that V10 Plus is more than that, it also help produce unattainable miracles for some.

Ms. Chaa, Beauty Blogger, Singapore

It is now my favourite serum and I will definitely continue to use it. Feeling very glad and fortunate that I have a chance to review this wonderful product.

Ms. Adeline Miller, Beauty Blogger Singapore

The Ceramide Cleansing Gel effectively cleanses away impurities, which is great for someone who wears make up daily like myself. This sort of have a peppermint smell and I like the cool and refreshing feeling it gives when cleansing my face.

Ms. Yuvi, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling & Serum Whitening Series

Ms. Tian Lustiana, Beauty Blogger

My facial skin becomes moist, softer, brighter and feels firmer. Blackheads were almost no more, usually in the nose area was stacked blackheads.

Ms. Redha Caraka, Beauty Blogger

This serum is enough to help me to take care of my skin which is oily and prone to acne easily. redness so quickly decreased, acne so much faster deflate. Not only help overcome the irritation, but this series of serum also prevent the coming of acne again. And I love it when every serum is my skin so soft, moist and glowing so the result

Ms. Hisafu, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling & Serum Sensitive Series

Ms. Rachel Cynthia, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling & Serum Whitening Series

Ms Ehara Putri, Beauty Blogger

I'm even more comfortable dont wear makeup, because the skin is already shining. * facial flashlight * Ahahaha. Seriously, a healthy skin condition makes me so much more confident. Want to wear makeup even better, without makeup is still okay 😉

Ms Laurencia Agusta, Beauty Blogger

After I try 3 times for 8 days, which I feel is facial skin becomes softer and chewy, I always wear before sleeping after a day using makeup, and after using peeling it seems really clean skin. Despite of that, the result of this product works on me, my skin is so cool and wake up morning skin feel healthy, chewy, and glowing

Ms Yunisa Yas Putri, Beauty Blogger

So far I really love this prdouk because of its comfortable texture dikulit and not make irritation. it smells good and does not bother. the end result of the skin so smooth and soft. after I use this product, my skin is dry and tight fast it becomes more moist. I feel every morning I wear this product, my skin still moist until afternoon and even afternoon. I think this product is worth it for try.

Ms Yosa Arifina, Beauty Blogger

I love the skinny skincare like this V10 Plus. In addition to paraben free, many variants also, stay tailored to the same condition of your skin. Water-based believe me guys, safe for sensitive skin though.

Ms Rani Ayuna, Beauty Blogger

The soft fibers / dead skin cells that come out progressively less and less means that this product works well on my skin, blackheads are slowly lost (not instantly lost yes that is important routine life), Face becomes cleaner and brighter, Acne that was inflamed start deflated (on the chin) during my routine use of serum, Skin feels healthier, moist and dull skin bye bye, The pores look smaller.

Ms Hilda Ikka, Beauty Blogger

Since I routinely pake V10 Plus products, the longer my face skin more bright and evenly. Seriously I did not expect the result to be as spectacular! By the way every time I have menstruation, usually acne and throat come up. But not this time. I'm rarely spotty. Even once spotty, very quickly disappear. Then blackheads not as much as it used to be because when the skin is bright face, I rarely wear makeup. The point is that my face is now more smooth and smooth

Ms Irene Verent, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling and Serrum Acne Treatment Series V 10 Plus.

Ms Atami Puspa, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling & Serum Sensitive Series.

Ms Riska Theodore, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling & Serum Whitening Series

Ms Shary Indriany, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling & Serum Sensitive Series.

Ms Sanny Lie, Beauty Blogger

If talking about V10 Waterbased Peeling I really like it because of its name Waterbased so safe really for all facial skin, keep the fragrance is not excessive and not sticky! after I wear V10 Waterbased Peeling Mask this face becomes brighter

Ms Debbie Jung, Beauty Youtuber

The start is a bit surprised when I want to try this but after trying it really comfortable and this is very recommended for you who do not like peeling scrub (like me) V10Plus Water Based Peeling is perfect. Because of its soft texture, and easy to remove dead skin cells.

Ms Vida Zenitha, Beauty Blogger

So far I like the V10 Plus Water Based Peeling because when the exfoliation process does not hurt the slightest and my skin also shows no signs of rejection such as irritation

Ms Wirda Fauziah, Beauty Youtuber

Overall, I love really same V10 Water Based Peeling is safe for all skin types because of its natural content, can cleanse the skin well, proven to brighten, cleanse, moisturize, and smooth the skin instantly.

Ms Dewie Aprilia, Beauty Blogger

From the past until now this peeling is nice and my face so much brighter and fresh.

Ms Nurinda Adhalia, Beauty Blogger

The result that I feel for about two weeks of use is that my skin is much more supple and bright. Acne also seems to have rarely come to my face.

Ms Natasha Juniar, Beauty Blogger

Serum complement each other very well. The effect is seen in a fairly short time.

Ms Cyanophyta, Beauty Blogger

The most I feel from the use of the nose area is usually overgrown with blackheads began to feel smooth. In addition, when using makeup, especially foundation, the results become more integrated with the skin. Which is foundation so not easy cracking and fade.

Ms Areli Tabitha, Beauty Blogger

What I like about this product is that it's water based and does not contain any parabens, mineral oil, artificial coloring, even artificial fragrances

Ms Uswatun Khasanah, Beauty Blogger

The right side of the face after peeling feels really smoother than the left side that has not done peeling. I think the water side peeling does not cause excessive irritation and abrasion on the skin. Instant effect makes the skin smooth and bright also can. If you are a bit less suited to a rough-grained scrub, you should try this one, you'll like it.

Ms Uli Mayang, Beauty Blogger

The result is a brighter face. just yes black stains remain victorious, acne scars seem to need more time to destroy it. pimple on my forehead acne is also slightly reduced. so fat i love v10 product. repurchase? yes of course. Of course. especially the placenta serum seems to be really worked on me.

Ms Shany, Beauty Blogger

Setelah sebulan memakai produk varian dari V10 aku merasakan tekstur kulitku jauh lebih lembut, halus, kenyal banget, dan gak kusam. Produk-produk dari V10 juga cocok untuk kamu yang gak suka dengan produk yang memiliki wangi2 scent *kayak akuh. Seperti difoto dibawah ini bisa dilihat yah tekstur kulit aku dan warna kulit aku yang jadi kuning langsat dan terang. Overall aku suka dengan semua varian skincare dari V10 plus and it’s worth the price.

Ms Annisa Ramsey, Beauty Blogger

So, I highly recommend this product for you lovers of peeling or who have dull skin, have hours of solid activity, or strong women who like to sweat against pollution, because peeling it one of the exfoliate and exfoliate activities is important to do routine , one of them so that your skin can absorb the good content contained in your expensive creams, it's useless also use creams or expensive serum but your skin can not get the benefits just because it is blocked by dead skin cells.

Ms Vina Jihan Fahira, Beauty Blogger

The results of the third usage of serum that I feel my skin becomes moist. My skin has no irritation, breakout or allergies. In accordance with the category of this series is suitable for sensitive skin. Also serum does not feel greasy on my skin. Although these serums are not brightening serum, I feel the dullness of my skin is reduced

Ms Adhel, Beauty Blogger

My skin feels more chewy and of course, clean! And the good news, no redness or itchy skin yeayyyyy !!

Ms Sherlytha, Beauty Blogger

It does not take long for gosokin Water Based Peeling is in the face, because it is very easy to lift his dead skin cells. Approximately 5 seconds, already appear grains of gray on the skin. After rinse, my face looked more glowing and doormat. And do not wash my face.

Ms Cilla, Beauty Blogger

After I've been wearing for the past month or so, I've noticed quite a noticeable change, that the black patches on my face begin to diminish and the pores shrink. This serum also does not make my skin acne or redness, so it's a plus!

Ms Novi Handayani, Beauty Blogger

Acne disappeared and my skin began to look cleaner and smoother. Not only that, blackheads around the nose is not as much as usual, so the pores become more dense. So far, the results are pretty good anyway on my face.

Ms Icha Hadiqah, Beauty Blogger

Setelah selesai proses peeling yang dilanjutin dengan ngebilas muka pake air, muka langsung kerasa bersihnya. Tau kan rasanya kalo masi ada make up nempel kaya berat gitu kulitnya, kalo udah bersih kerasa lebih ringan. Nah ini juga gitu. Dan minyak-minyak di wajah juga bisa dibilang 80% ilang walaupun aku belum cuci muka pake sabun.

Ms Rizka Amalia, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience using Water Based Peeling and Serum Acne Treatment Series.

Ms Vina Maysha, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience using Water Based Peeling and Serum Acne Treatment Series V 10 Plus

Ms Ika Restuningtyas, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience Using Water Based Peeling and Serum Acne Treatment Series.

Ms Yolanda, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience using Water Based Peeling and Serum Sensitive Series.

Ms Diva Saviera, Beauty Blogger

Share Her Experience using Water Based Peeling and Serum Hydrating Series

Ms Firda Velayati, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience using Water Based Peeling and Serum Anti Aging Series.

Ms Evita Febrianti, Beauty Youtuber

Share Her Experience using Water Based Peeling and Serum Hydrating Series