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Skin Care Tips During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The world has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are millions of people facing the wrath of COVID-19 on multiple levels. The silver lining here is that the natural factors affecting your skin are longer an issue since you are not stepping out in the sun and the polluted air. Since you are working from home, it is a given that most of your time is spent indoors.

This should not be a reason to rejoice and let loose. Skincare problems can occur regardless of your routine. That being said, this is the perfect time to nourish and pamper your skin. Reverse all the adversities related to skin problems. Before you doubt our statement, yes, it is possible. All you need to do is follow the best skincare tips religiously. Since we are targeting fresh & rejuvenated skin all over again, the routine needs to be adopted sincerely.

Let’s take a look at what is included in your Covid-19 skincare regime.

1. Know your skin type

First things first, the foundation of skincare begins with knowing all about your skin. If you do not know much about your skin, be rest assured, no product would give you optimum results. When you know your skin type, you would naturally go for products that suit your skin, from hydration to absorption. All factors matter when a correct product is bought. For instance, you cannot use a cream-based product if you have oily skin. It will add to the natural oils of your skin.

It is easy to know your skin type.

  • Oily Skin- Your skin would feel oily most of the time. Especially your t-zone would seem greasy day in and out.
  • Dry Skin- Skin would be itchy most of the time. It seems flaky, rough, and absorbs lotions quickly.
  • Sensitive Skin- Highly irritant skin gets red and bumpy after using new skincare products or around new environments.
  • Combination Skin- You has this skin type when your T-zone is always shining with oil, and your cheeks are dry.
  • Mature Skin- The skin feels wrinkly, loose, and dry. It gets sensitive at times. No matter how much you hydrate your skin, it always feels rough and dull.

Skin Type

Cleanser Type


Moisturizer Type
OILY SKINFoaming liquidBreaks down sebum, grime, and dirt. Cleans pores effectively 

Gel-based Moisturizer


Light-weight, highly absorbent, and water-based.

DRY SKINLotion and cream-basedFull of hydrating agents moisturizes the skin along with deeply cleaning the impurities. 

Soft cream and heavy cream-based

oil-based, heavy lotion. Keeps skin supple and moisturized.


Paraben-free, Non-comedogenic, moisturizing yet light-weight. Soothing and Gentle. 



Less heavy than a cream. Provides hydration to the skin.

NORMAL SKINWater-basedChemical fragrance-free, Soap-free, and zero artificial colors; gently extract grime and debris without causing dryness. 



Lighter than a gel, but more hydrating and absorbent. Standard moisturizer.


Melting Balm

Shea butter-like texture. Soothing and hydrating. 


A well balanced, oil-based yet light-weight moisturizing agent.


Make sure you only go for organic and dermatologist-tested products that are safe and gentle on your skin.

2. Facial and Hand Care

Even though you are following all the sanitation and hygiene regulations, it is important to take a look at its effects. Your hands might be pristine clean, but they might be extremely dry and dehydrated. Don’t forget about the sanitizers and the clinically proven hand wash soaps you keep pumping onto your palms 24×7. Of course, it keeps your hands protected from germs and bacteria, but it strips away the natural oils off your skin. Alcohol-based sanitizers can irritate and damage your skin.

  • Make sure you use cold or lukewarm water only to wash your hands. Hot water only dries out the skin more.
  • Avoid chemically treated cleansers. Chemical fragrance and artificial colors would only bring more damage.
  • Make sure you have your gloves on to clean surfaces. A great tip to keep hands soft and supple is to wear gloves after using hand moisturizers.
  • Times are tough, be gentle on your hands by adding a few drops of avocado oil, tea tree oil, or olive oil to your hand moisturizers for added hydration.

By keeping your hands clean, you would be doing your facial skin a huge favor. Not only would this lead to fewer infections and illnesses, but a considerable drop in skincare problems like acne, zits, and pigmentation, etc.

3. Pearls of Skincare wisdom

COVID-19 Skincare regime is incomplete without daily, healthy habits. For beautiful skin inside-out, you must bring about the following lifestyle changes-

  • Keep yourself hydrated- Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. This habit leads to toxin removal from your body. Remember always to start your day with a glass of warm water.
  • Eat healthy- It is essential to include healthy dietary options during this time; it would help you build strong immunity and give your skin a remarkable transformation. Include turmeric, black pepper, colorful veggies, fruits, and superfoods, etc. Remember, you are what you eat, so take a giant leap away from junk food.
  • Apply sunscreen- You are highly mistaken if you think you do not require sunblock at home. You are forgetting the most harmful light surrounding you, right in the vicinity of your home— the blue rays from your smartphones, plasma TVs, laptops and tabs, etc. This means you must apply sunscreen even when you are at your home. It would shield your skin from the harmful effects of blue rays.
  • Get enough sleep- You could skip a meal and feel alright but not your sleep. Although it does feel great to stay up all night to watch your favorite shows but trust us, it is only leading to dark circles, pigmented skin, premature aging, and puffy eyes, etc. to name a few. Good night sleep is a must for healthy, glowing skin and radiant skin.

Although it is a crucial time for everyone, use this time to improve your skin texture and health. It is the perfect time to practice a healthy regime for skincare. It is a significant lifestyle change that would give you fruitful results for life.