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How to use rice for beauty treatments

Rice has been used as a natural beauty treatment for thousands of years in Japan.  It has helped Japanese women to keep their skin smooth, soft and beautiful by rinsing it with rice powder. The different parts of the rice plant help to hydrate, exfoliate, soothe and protect the skin from several skin diseases.

Indians prefers rice in their daily meal. Especially people staying in east and south get their staple food as rice. It will be quite surprising to learn that, even rice can prove to be a wonderful ingredient for beauty care. This will help an individual to brighten his/her skin and replenish it for a long time.

Every lady would wish to get a bright, silky and smooth complexion. Women staying in Asian countries have bright, smooth and bright complexion. One of the reasons for their skin tone is their food habit. If you too wish to have beautiful skin, use rice recipe to enhance your beauty.

Benefits of rice for beauty care

Rice powder and rice bran makes a good scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells and make the skin clear and soft.

Masks can be made from rice to make the bight and glowing. It helps in the growth and regeneration of new cells, keeping the skin moist, increasing the production of collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin.

Starch from the rice is added to the make up as it helps in absorbing the excess oil and the   rice powder is used to close the pores on the skin.

Masks made from rice

  • Rice and Honey mask– The simplest rice mask is made by mixing rice powder with honey. Apply this mixture on the face after cleaning it with a mild soap. Leave it to dry completely. Wash the face after 20 minutes with cold water.
  • Rice and milk mask—Cook a cup of rice. Remove the water and grind it to a smooth paste with a cup of milk and few drops of honey. Apply a thick layer of this paste on theface and neck and let it to dry before washing it off with lukewarm water.
  • Rice and Cabbage Mask—this natural homemade mask is most suitable for combination skin. Prepare the mask by soaking a cup of rice in boiling water for two hours. Blend cabbage leaves and soaked rice in a blender to make a fine paste. Apply a thick layer on the face and neck ND leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water.

Ways to brighten your skin

  • Take exactly two tablespoon of raw rice and place it in a container
  • Wash away all dirt and unwanted particles from the rice
  • Pour some clean water over the clean rise and cover the same with a lid
  • Keep it as it as for a period of 20 minutes so that the rice settles down in the container
  • Now pour the water which has become milky color inside the storage container
  • Use the rice water to cleanse your face
  • Keep the rice water in your face for sometime so long it becomes dry
  • Once it is dried, apply the rice water in the second layer

All the vitamins and minerals from the rice water will be absorbed by your skin pores as soon as your skin dries. After you have washed it away, you can feel the smoothness of your skin once touched with your hand.  You can now get brighter and glowing complexion with the organic make up.  People consuming rice may not be of same quality. You can now use any variety of rice to increase your brightness of skin tone.

Rice face wash

If your face has become dull, it is the time to create a brightening effect to your skin. Rice can be used to increase the brightening effect of your skin.  You don’t have to use the harmful cosmetics and simply depend on rice to get very bright and glowing skin tone. You can dip a cotton pad in the rice water and enjoy the heavenly benefit of glowing skin tone.