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How To Have Fun In The Sun Without Sacrificing Your Skin

With temperatures rising and the importance of sun care at an all time high, we asked world-renowned skin experts to reveal a few essential tips to beat the heat and protect your skin this summer.

Use Sunscreen Everyday

To help prevent skin cancer, apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen daily, no matter the weather. And don’t forget to reapply often, especially during strenuous or water-based activities.

“Be sure to select a sunscreen you love to use,” says Dr. Jeffrey S. Dover “If you love its texture, look, feel and scent you will be much more likely to use it regularly.”

“One of the biggest myths is that if you have a darker skin tone, you can’t get sunburned. You may not get red, but chronic UV exposure will give you hyper-pigmentation, age spots and wrinkles. Wear sunscreen as if it’s a daily moisturizer and you will make sure you stay protected,” urges Dr. Faad Mariwalla.

When in Doubt, Cover Up or Seek Shade

Protect your skin with clothing and accessories – because fashion can do more than just look good.

“Lightbulbs can worsen sun damage, so even if you are in an office all day use a sunscreen to protect from visible light,” cautions dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara.