History Of Japanese Cosmetics & Skincare

Hello you! Let’s talk a little about the history of Japanese cosmetics and skincare today.

Every country has their own beauty secrets, and Japan is definitely no exception. Privy to some of Japan’s most famous beauty secrets, the Geisha is the trademark of Japan’s beauty. Beyond their carefully painted façades, Geishas are known for their smooth porcelain skin.

In the past where there was no world famous skincare brands or drugstore cosmetics, Geishas had to make do with what they could find in their everyday lives to help them in their skincare routine. To balance the negative effects of having to layer on make up after make up, they focused on natural ingredients that are gentle on skin as taught by traditional Chinese medicine.

Modern day Japanese cosmetics and skin care are similarly formulated. The simple truth in Japanese cosmetics and skincare is that they are natural and non-toxic. Most Japanese brands are inspired by the Geishas’ commitment and discipline in using organic ingredients in both cosmetics and skincare alike. Rather than stripping off what is natural, Japanese brands seek to complement what is naturally given by using what nature has provided for us.

In Singapore, we’re fortunate to have 2 pools of information to draw from, both from the Western influences prevalent around us and our Asian heritage. Science has proven that Asian skin tends to have a thinner outermost layer of skin than our Caucasian counterparts, we need to be careful with the products and treatments we are feeding our skin. As a whole, Asian skin is relatively more sensitive and therefore require gentle care.

That’s why our repertoire of Japanese brands for cosmetics and skincare are brought in to help our hunt for the correct products for our delicate Asian skin. You’ll definitely find something that you’ll love with us!