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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Pore Extractions

Those especially-luxurious facials that leave you slinking down the street after the appointment is finished will no doubt have your complexion feeling fresh and polished, but getting your pores extracted? Your skin ends up so clean, it’s almost like you put it on a 5-day juice cleanse. There’s something so weirdly satisfying about getting all of the gunk clogging your pores completely removed, especially by a certified pro, but the reward doesn’t come without its trials. Before you opt to add a pore extraction treatment onto your facial package, consider the following.

Don’t Try This at Home
Though it’s technically possible to remove a blackhead on your own, it’s better to leave the extracting tools to the professionals. That being said, be prepared—the process can smart slightly more than the relaxing facial and massage combo you were considering on Gilt. Pore extraction involves your esthetician using either their hands or a tool on a very pinpointed area, and while it usually doesn’t take more than a little pressure to clear the activity, the occasional stubborn spot will take more work. Ask your pro to go easy on you if your complexion is particularly sensitive, and lay off of the retinol or any other products that make your skin feel delicate a few days before your appointment.

You May Need a Little Downtime
Often times after a facial, you can go on with the rest of your day makeup-free, or wait a little while before reapplying and go on with your day either way. After extracting, your facialist will apply products to soothe your skin and minimize the redness, but some areas may take extra time to calm down. Avoid applying makeup for the rest of the day if possible, and if you must wash your face, stick to a gentle cleanser for the time being. After a night of makeup-free bliss, you should be good to continue your everyday regimen.

Your Pores Should Stay Clear for a Few Weeks
Contrary to our fears, applying makeup the next day won’t mar your esthetician’s handiwork. When done right, your extracted pores should remain clear for a few weeks after having the treatment, but you’ll need to do some maintenance on your end as well. Steer clear of any super-thick moisturizers that could cause extra sebum buildup, exfoliate weekly, and incorporate a clarifying serum, particularly one with salicylic acid, into your product lineup.