Drinking Hot Water – A Path To Clear Skin

The Face Yoga Method recommends drinking a lot of water. Water flushes the toxins out of your system and improves your skin condition. I know you may be thinking “Oh, it is such common knowledge these days so it is not really new information.” And you may already drink plenty of water everyday, but I would like to ask you how you drink your water? With ice? cold?  room temperature? when?

The Secrets of Drinking Hot Water

If you want to get a youthful, young looking face, I highly recommend drinking ”hot” water. It is good for your face and body, and ultimately for your spirit. Why “hot” water? It is one of the simplest secrets of a young looking face, clear skin and losing unwanted weight. Let me explain. Almost every body washes dishes, right? What is the secret of doing dishes when you have greasy plates? Use a lot of dish soap? Yeah, that may work but it is so bad for the environment and can be expensive. Soak it over night? Well, then what? Just put it in the dishwasher? Sure, that will do it, but even then the dishwasher uses hot water, not cold water to get rid of waste, right? The same thing applies to your face and body!

The Ultimate Daily Guide to Drinking Hot Water

Imagine your body. When you get up in the morning, your stomach is pretty hungry. The food you had last night should be digested by morning. Drink a cup of hot water on an empty stomach. If you have a bowel movement problem, this may work like magic! Literally, the word “breakfast” means “breaking” the “fast” from the night before. When the stomach and body have been in fast mode for some time, they tend to take in and absorb everything that comes in. Before you take anything in, clean it. A clean system means clean skin. Another good time to drink hot water is right before going to bed. Some people do not want to drink water right before bedtime because they worry about going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and interrupting sleep. My father was like that. Surprisingly, hot water does not necessarily make my father go to the bathroom. Drinking a cup of hot water before going to bed is like running a full body dishwasher while you are sleeping. The result? Clean system! Try it, see how it goes and let me know how you feel.

Increased Blood Circulation Results In Better Skin

Water increases vitality, energy level, concentration and stamina and it also results in less susceptibility to exhaustion and anxiety. Water helps the energy flow in the body, and hot water can can help even more. Hot water relaxes your body and increases blood circulation which results in better skin complexion. The warmth of hot water makes us feel relaxed and it is so important to relax throughout the day and especially right before going to bed. Your body needs rest and so does your spirit! The steam that comes from hot water makes a great “mini face steam” treatment before bedtime if you use a big cup to drink hot water. Try adding some mint to help with digestion.

Hold The Ice and Look Younger

How about ice cold water? It tastes so good when the weather gets hotter. But if you want to have youthful looking skin, drink hot water. Cold water is too shocking for the body and it disrupts the energy flow in the body. You don’t give ice cold water to your pet (you can, but probably your pet would not like it) or water your plants and flowers with ice cold water. In Japan, many people believe that drinking hot water on a hot day actually reduces internal body heat and gives you more energy since the body does not need to generate energy to warm the water to body temperature. On the other hand, when drinking ice cold water the body has to generate heat to warm up the water to body temperature. As a result, you feel hotter and more tired. Have you ever had the experience of drinking ice cold water on a hot summer day and then feeling tired? Next time you want to drink ice cold water, just try hot water and see how you feel and how your body feels. You will be amazed.  When you have alcohol, make sure you drink hot water, especially before going to bed! Your kidney needs extra attention after the drinking session.