3 Benefits Of Water-Based Skincare

1. It’s quick-absorbing.

Are you who’s often in a hurry? Unlike heavy oil- or petroleum-based products, water-based products are easily absorbed by the skin. We don’t need to wait a few minutes for it to settle before applying makeup or wearing our clothes.

2. It’s less likely to clog pores.

Since waterbased skincare is much lighter in texture and scent as compared with creams, this is less likely to block our pores and cause breakouts, making this a favorite among those with oily skin.

3. Your skin feels soft without the heavy feeling.

Like me, there are people who don’t like the feeling of so much product on their skin. That’s why I use creams and butters at night so that I won’t feel the “slick” factor as much. Most of my male friends also avoid lotion like the plague for that same reason. Water-based skin conditioner is a beginner-friendly alternative for those who want to get into the habit of moisturizing their skin.

What are your thoughts on water-based skincare,  Have fun and stay awesome!